Monday, June 13, 2011

"nano,micro,milli convert"

"nano,micro,milli convert" is Free application for Android.

You can convert some prefixes (nano, micro, milli, and none) to other prefixes by using this App.

You can also convert per second, pre minute, pre hour, pre day, and pre year.

Usage examples :
・Sievert(Sv) or Gray(Gy) for radiation.
・Metre(m) for length.
・Gram(g) for mass.

This App is useful for the nuclear crisis in Japan (Fukushima, Tohoku, and Tokyo, etc.).

*Reference :
・Environmental radiation levels in Tokyo / day
・Sievert - Wikipedia
・SI prefix - Wikipedia
・E notation - Wikipedia

This is Free app! Please download it on Android Market.
↓Go to Android Market
【for Android】market://details?id=com.yorodzu.converter

【for PC】

* for iOS :
"nano,micro,milli convert for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad"
( or search "" on AppStore )

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